While sharing your home with roommates is fun and cost-effective, it can lead to headaches when settling bills. That's where bill splitting apps save the day. These apps are effective in preventing financial conflicts and relieving confusion.

You've most likely experienced scenarios where a bill-splitting app would have saved you a ton of trouble. Maybe a roommate still owes you for a shared Postmates order. Or, perhaps, you've yet to settle a grocery run your roommate made and are feeling guilty about it. Even miscellaneous subscriptions you all share could be getting lost in the shuffle, leaving one roommate paying more. All is accounted for when using a bill-splitting app.

Also, you’ll never have to deal with confusing spreadsheets ever again. And hoarding paper receipts and bills that come in the mail? A thing of the past.

Of course, now there are a ton of bill-splitting apps for roommates. Some of which are unreliable. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Here are 7 apps to split bills with roommates.

7 Apps to Split Bills With Roommates


Splitwise is hands down one of the best apps to split bills with roommates. The app's super easy to use with its sleek user interface. And the pro version offers a feature that lets you track expenses by category. Yup, you can divvy up by electricity, groceries, gas, or anything else, which makes the process convenient.

This bill splitting app also lets the user upload a high-resolution image of a bill, so everyone in the group knows where the charge is coming from. Another feature is the app keeps a running total of who owes who. So, it’s much more convenient to settle on the due date. Most importantly, this ensures you have an easy way to keep track of miscellaneous expenses. You can also set reminders close to the due date!

Other than the pro version, Splitwise offers a free app. However, you won’t have access to the majority of the essential features that make this app useful. Additionally, the app doesn’t transfer funds from person to person. So, you'll have to use cash, net banking, or another app to settle the bills.


Although Venmo is known for its digital wallet features, it also doubles as a useful bill splitting app. Not only can you immediately send and receive money, but you can also send payment requests and reminders.

This app is perfect for settling all sorts of expenses in a fast and convenient manner. Unfortunately, Venmo doesn’t offer any features that automatically split expenses. However, it does compensate for this by offering free money transfers. So, you don’t have to worry about spending money on transaction fees.


Aptly named IOU, this bill splitting app lets you keep track of recurring IOU bills. This makes it perfect for routine expenses like rent, gas, internet, and more. Additionally, it’s useful for digital subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify.

This app can even help set up payment plans for major purchases making it one of the best apps to split bills with roommates. In addition to being able to upload bills and expenses, it allows you to share and even set reminders.

Most importantly, you can avoid a lot of stress and confusion as it allows you to track your debt history.


Splitrr is not only free, but it is also one of the best apps to split bills with roommates. The easy-to-navigate user interface allows you to create events or trips. Also, it lets you add individuals to share the expenses. Personalization is also a standout feature of the app, as it lets you choose to either evenly or unevenly split expenses.

Additionally, you can upload bills, making the process convenient. Splitrr can even generate PDFs that you can then share with your roommates. You can even see a history of all your shared expenses and debts.

Splitrr is one of the few apps that conveniently let you tally up the IOUs if your group has already paid. The app will figure out how much each person contributed and everybody’s balance, using only a few inputs. Most importantly, your roommates don’t have to log in to use the app.


As its name implies, this bill splitting app is useful for keeping track of grocery-related expenses. OurGroceries can even double as a shopping list, so once you add the item to your physical cart, you can cross it off with a simple tap.

You can even create grocery lists based on recipes, which makes this app phenomenal. Additionally, you can adjust, edit and share the list with your roommates, making it a convenient way to settle expenses.

However, the app's most useful feature is its ability to keep track of communal items. So, you’ll never have to worry about your roommate not paying for the soap. It’s definitely one of the best apps to split bills with roommates.


Divvy works best when it comes to splitting miscellaneous bills with tips and tax. We all know how confusing it can be figuring out the tax and tip for restaurant checks and Postmates deliveries. In fact, it’s one of the best bill splitting apps for roommates who like to eat out together.

All you have to do is upload the receipt by clicking a photo, and the app automatically scans and splits it, with tip included. So, you’ll never have to stress yourself with the math. What’s truly brilliant is that you get to drag your roommate’s item on the receipt and drop it into their IOU section.

It’s perfect for situations where you have to settle the bill really fast, like at a food truck. Though there is no free version, it only costs $1.99 on both iOS and Android.

Settle Up

While this app is similar to those already on this list, Settle Up offers amazing share features to help remind your roommates about their debts. You can send them reminders via email, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

Most importantly, it backs up expenses. So, you won’t have to worry if something happens to your device. Additionally, it syncs the data with everybody in the group. So, all your roommates have access to the same information.

What’s truly amazing is that it even has a local exchange rate for international transactions, making it convenient if you're traveling abroad. Though it is not free, the app only costs $1.99.

To wrap up, bill splitting apps can make living with roommates hassle-free. Most importantly, it can help you efficiently keep track of all bills. So, go ahead and make your shared living space the best it can be without worrying about keeping track of who owes what. There are apps for that!