Rethinking Real Estate.

TheGuarantors is a fintech company providing
innovative insurance products and financial
solutions for residential and commercial real
estate professionals as well as their residents
and tenants.

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Our Mission

At TheGuarantors, our mission is to unlock opportunity and financial advantage for everyone involved in residential and commercial leasing.

We work at the intersection of real estate, finance, insurance, and technology to develop innovative solutions that reduce risk and uncertainty in the leasing process when it comes to renting spaces.

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Our Story

This is not the landlord-tenant relationship as it's always been, but where it needs to be.

The idea for our company started the way most great ideas do-

Identifying a very real need in the marketplace by experiencing the friction it causes firsthand. And then figuring out an innovative way to address that need.

Upon moving to New York from abroad to attend graduate school, our own founder experienced this friction firsthand after being declined by a number of landlords. There had to be a way to help otherwise qualified (and desirable) tenants connect with real estate professionals and property managers who desperately wanted to do business with them.

The answer? Bring together experts in the areas of finance, technology, insurance and, of course, real estate to develop tools that could remove the obstacles and identify opportunities involving quality prospects while also protecting everyone’s investment.

That has meant not being impulsive, but investing and trusting in research. Not being focused on how quickly we can get things done, but how to get them done right. And it’s meant continuing to innovate with new products, such as Securiti, that serve all stakeholders within the industry while helping a market meet the needs of the future.

We saw potential for a better way, and now we’re creating it.

Work With Us

Our guiding principles are user- centric and focus on trust

Work in the now, think in the future

Be experts at thinking out of the box. Solve problems and break boundaries, today and tomorrow.

Be Service-first

Be your best self with our customers, partners, and each other. Approach every situation and challenge to win from a service-oriented mindset.

Build on transparency

Be open, honest, and truthful. Strive for transparency, foster integrity, and inspire trust.

Have passion for success

Be ready and willing to grow and always think big . Don’t sacrifice progress for process, and focus energy where everyone wins.

Know your market

Be flexible and present. Our market is constantly evolving, and we actively listen and make decisions with our finger on its pulse.

Shape relationships through accountability

Be thoughtful, strategic, and trustworthy. Set expectations, plan deliberately, and execute thoughtfully.

Think human-first

Be innovative with technology and strive to advance it to help us improve experiences and relationships. We’re human-lead, tech- enabled, and we optimize this combination every chance we get.

Our team of 100+ dedicated professionals is constantly growing!

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