Finding a rental apartment that you love is increasingly complicated in big cities. But even when you find an apartment, it's difficult to find roommates to share that home with you. Luckily with these top-rated roommate finder apps, you'll never struggle to find roommates again. You can use these roommate apps to match with people you're compatible with. We're going to explore 7 of the best roommate finder apps!

1. Roomi

Roomi works its magic by putting two matches together after you answer questions about yourself and what you're searching for in an ideal roommate. Roomi utilizes an algorithm to pair you with a roommate who is a good fit for you.

Roomi allows users to do fast background checks and connect social media accounts, allowing both roommates to feel more assured and safe during the process. You can message possible roommates through this roommate finder app when you're ready!

2. Roomaters

Roomaters looks for a roommate based on more than just your tastes. Users complete a personality test to aid in the matching of possible roommates.

You'll be able to provide information about your interests, hobbies, and what sort of roommate you are (social, introverted, messy, neat freak, etc.). So, whether you like music, painting, rock climbing, or superhero movies, you'll be able to discover someone you'll get along with.

3. SpareRoom

SpareRoom claims to be the busiest roommate app on the market, with a roommate match being made every three minutes. SpareRoom stands out from other roommate apps because it employs a staff of people to check each ad, ensuring that all postings are secure and genuine.

This app even offers speed roommate events where you can meet individuals in your neighborhood through a speed dating-style situation to see if you can find someone with whom you get along.

4. RoomEasy

RoomEasy is a roommate finder app that works similarly to Tinder. You establish a profile on RoomEasy, add personal description tags from their system, then search for roommates and apartments. You may also link your Facebook accounts to check if you and your possible new perfect roommate have any shared connections.

You can "like" your favorite locations or possible roommates' profiles whenever you find anything that interests you, and if they "like" yours, you'll be paired. You can connect using the chat app once you've been matched.

5. Roomster

Roomster now provides listings in 192 countries and 18 languages. It matches you with possible roommates based on personality factors, keyword searches, and shared hobbies.Members can find a match based on friend recommendations, hobbies, interests, and questions answered in their profiles. Because Roomster allows users to link their social media accounts, this app has more information to help users discover the right match. Once you've found a possible roommate who appears to be a good fit, you may contact them using the Roomster mailbox.

6. Diggz

Diggz is a roommate finder web app that can help you locate a roommate and a place to live. Diggz works similarly to the other roommate apps in that you fill out the information about yourself and what you're searching for in a roommate.

You can locate someone to move into your spare room, move into a vacant room that someone else is providing, or find a new roommate to hunt for a new apartment with. Diggz is a great option to help you find a new place to live.

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