Introducing Zero-Gap Renters Insurance

  • Minimize the costly consequences of uninsured residents
  • Reduce your team’s load with automated compliance monitoring
  • Ensure complete resident insurance coverage
  • Create a new, ancillary revenue stream
  • All at no cost to owners and operators

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What’s included in Zero-Gap coverage?

Renters insurance

Our comprehensive coverage that protects you and your residents

  • Customizable requirements
  • Up to $300k of liability coverage
  • Low rates starting at $13/mo

Always-on monitoring

Advanced technology that continuously monitors policies, ensuring no coverage gaps.

  • Digital 3rd party verification
  • Digital alerts and notifications
  • Regular reporting of changes

Operator-placed insurance ¹

An insurance program for non-compliant renters that protects and reduces risk

  • Up to $300K in comprehensive liability coverage
  • Seamless integration with your systems

Reduce risk and increase value

How does Zero-Gap boost your NOI?

  • Reduce risk

    Ensure continuous coverage, minimizing financial impact from renter-caused accidents

  • Save time

    Reduce your team’s administrative load by letting us do the compliance work for you.

 Closing  the gap with Always- on  monitoring.

Always-on monitoring means we work in the background to digitally check if your renters’ policies are compliant or not, directly with their 3rd party insurance provider. No more manual inputs, compliance checks or opening mail for policy changes. Renters link their policies through our site and we send regular compliance snapshots and policy alerts whenever there are changes. 

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Step 1

You work with our team to customize, establish, and set up your Zero-Gap  Renters Insurance program. Once you are ready, you can refer new and existing residents to TheGuarantors.

Step 2

Renters purchase or verify their existing coverage. Those who opt-out or have a non-compliant policy are placed automatically on your Zero-Gap Renters Insurance program.

Step 3

Always-on Monitoring works in the background to ensure each renter remains compliant. We inform you of any issues and provide regular summary updates. 

Zero-Gap Renters Insurance saves my team about 15 hours per month, per property.
We've had a lot of renters sign up for Renters Insurance from TheGuarantors. Not only is it easy and seamless for them to sign up, but the all-digital process is a huge time saver for our teams. TheGuarantors also takes on the work of identifying non-compliant renters, significantly decreasing our risk of liability due to renter-caused accidents.

Are your residents covered? Let’s close the gap.

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