What is Securiti?

The smart security deposit for commercial leases

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Securiti is the smart security deposit for commercial leases. What makes it smart? Well, unlike traditional security deposits, like cash, or cash-backed letters of credit, Securiti is an insurance policy that’s designed specifically for commercial leases. 

“Insurance?! No one likes insurance!” But here’s the thing: Securiti isn’t like an ordinary insurance policy. It’s designed specifically for commercial leases (we mentioned that already.) Why does that matter?

First, Securiti provides coverage to landlords that’s no-nonsense and reliable--just like cash or an LC. The last thing landlords want if they’re in a dispute with their tenant is another dispute with an insurance company. We get it. Securiti pays claims, no questions asked. Landlords won’t accept anything less, so we don’t even try.

Second, Securiti is priced-to-risk, so it only costs tenants a small annual premium that is significantly cheaper than old-fashioned alternatives. Securiti is quick and easy too--we can issue a policy in as little as 48 hours. Seriously, why spend two months pleading with your bank for the opportunity to hand over a pile of cash (plus fees!) so it can sit there growing moldy (on balance sheet!) until your lease is over? Tenants sign leases to grow their businesses, not prepare for retirement.

Third, Securiti is flexible. We can design coverage to match the risk, so tenants only pay for what their landlords need. Lease negotiations shouldn’t fall apart because the security package is one-size-fits-all. Securiti gives you options.  

Securiti is good for landlords and good for tenants. It makes the security package cheaper and easier to buy, which improves lease economics, creates flexibility and closes deals (so it’s good for brokers too). Securiti is already the go-to security package for some of the largest brokerage firms and landlords. Plus, it’s free and easy to apply, so the worst that can happen is you’re stuck using the same old clunky expensive thing you would have used anyway. (Which, isn’t the best, but that’s why we’re here to help.)

As a company, TheGuarantors solves for risk in leasing, using a combined expertise in real estate, technology, risk and insurance. We’re licensed across the country and partner with a coterie of A-rated insurance companies. We have a track record of excellence and take pride in our work. Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it -- contact us and find out for yourselves. 

Learn more about Securiti at securiti.io