Submit a Claim

If a tenant with our insurance policy has been evicted, abandoned the property, or otherwise moved out, AND there is an outstanding balance on their account, please follow the instructions below to file a claim.

The Lease
Has Expired

The tenant has vacated with an outstanding balance

Start Claim-1


The Apartment Has
Been Re-Rented

The previous tenant had an outstanding balance

Start Claim-2

The Lease Has Not Expired
and the Apartment
is Vacant

Your team has taken possession of the apartment and will
put it back on the market

Start Claim-3


You Would Like to Claim Vacancy Loss on
an Open Claim

A claim payment has been previously issued
on the bonded lease

Start Claim-1


I'm not sure

No worries! you can still submit a claim - we will help you figure this out

Start Claim-1


If you are submitting multiple claims, please wait 2 minutes before you submit your next claim. 

To find out what is covered by your policy, please review our General Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at or +1(212) 266-0161.