Invite a renter

Speed up the application process for your tenants by using the invite feature in your Landlord Portal.

Step 1

Sign in to your Landlord Portal and click “Invite Renters.”

Step 2

Select the screening status for your applicant and coverage will be issued based on the default levels set for your building. If you'd like to review your coverage or make any changes, please contact your Account Executive or Partner Success Manager.

Screening Results

Step 3

Enter lease details. The lease length will default to 12 months - change as needed. Prepaid rent is the rent collected at lease signing. Our bonds accommodate for minor changes to lease dates. Any other changes please contact

Lease Information

Step 4

Provide the applicant’s email address, along with those of any roommates, if applicable. As a reminder, all leaseholders must apply.

Step 5

Your building has default coverage levels set up, however if you'd like to customize coverage requirements on a per policy basis, you can do so here.

Coverage Selection page

Step 6

Once you click “Send Invite,” your renter will receive an email to begin their application. You'll receive a notification once they have started the application.

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