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Sample pricing based on renter risk profile and desired coverage

Low risk renter

1 month of deposit coverage
2 months of rent coverage

  • Great credit score
  • Steady income stream
  • Looking to rent deposit free

Medium risk renter

1 month of deposit coverage
6 months of rent coverage

  • Dip in credit score
  • Irregular income stream
  • Moving for new job

High risk renter

1 month of deposit coverage
12 months of rent coverage

  • Low or no credit
  • Limited income
  • First time renter
*Sample pricing shown above based on $2,000 monthly rent. Policy pricing varies and is determined by gross rent, the length of coverage, and the individual renter's risk profile.
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Frequently asked questions

Renters pay our policy premiums. There are no fees to the landlord for coverage.

Rent Coverage is our Lease Guarantee surety product that functions substantially similar to insurance, helping landlords protect their rental income. If, for any reason, the renter is unable to pay their rent, we will cover the loss within the parameters of the policy terms. All you have to do is invite a renter to apply before they sign their lease, select the coverage you’d like (the maximum number of months you’d like to be paid back if there are issues), and if the renter is approved, we’ll issue the bond. Because the renter pays the policy price, there is no cost to the landlord for the coverage to take effect.

The cost generally varies from 24% to 130% of one month’s rent, depending on a number of factors, including the length of coverage you select.

You can file a claim with us online. Claims are typically paid within one month of receipt of the required information. Detailed procedures for filing a claim are provided in the Lease Rental Bonds General Terms and Conditions.

No, your renters will provide documentation. After you invite your prospective tenant to apply for coverage, they will be prompted to complete an application online, where they will upload their documents and provide permission to run a soft credit check. For most renters, we only need a copy of government-issued ID.

A combination of the gross monthly rent, the coverage level, and the risk profile of the applicant.

They correspond to different amounts of default coverage. 

• Designating a prospective tenant “Approved” defaults to one month of Security Deposit Replacement deposit coverage (typical cost to the renter ~60% of one month’s rent)

• Designating a prospective tenant “Approved with Conditions” defaults to one month of Security Deposit Replacement coverage AND five months of Lease Guarantee rent coverage (typical cost to the renter ~80% of one month’s rent)

• Designating a prospective tenant “Denied” defaults to 1 month Security Deposit Replacement coverage AND 11 months of our Lease Guarantee rent coverage (typical cost to the renter ~100% of one month’s rent)

You can customize coverage by selecting “Approve with Conditions” when prompted, and at the bottom of the page you can modify the coverage amount.

Under many circumstances, a renter who doesn’t meet your qualification standards will be turned away. Our coverage makes it easier for a renter to be approved, while at the same time protecting your rental income. So you can rent to them with greater peace of mind, and they get the home they want. 

Eviction courts may interpret a bond payout as a rent payment, making it harder to legally evict a problem renter. This rule serves to protect you from that.

Security Deposit Replacement deposit coverage incurs a one time fee (except in California, where it will need to be renewed at policy expiration). Our rent coverage, Lease Guarantee, must be renewed with every new lease (usually annually).

Unfortunately, no. Coverage can only be purchased prior to the lease start date or at renewal.

TheGuarantors has indemnification rights to pursue the renter for any claims paid. The renter is aware of this because they sign an agreement that outlines their responsibilities.

Absolutely. You’re welcome to customize coverage on your own. Please note that more coverage will result in higher costs for the renter.

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