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We've replaced the old cash deposit with a small, non-refundable fee. It allows you to keep cash in your pocket and use it for whatever you want!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lease guarantee?

It's an insurance policy that benefits your landlord in case you stop paying for rent. The renter buys the policy in order to qualify to rent the apartment. This allows landlords and property managers to accept renters like you, who might otherwise have been rejected because it helps eliminate the risk.

Why do I need a lease guarantee?

Because you are a renter who does not meet the landlord's requirements to rent the apartment. This typically happens to students, foreign nationals, and self-employed individuals.

What is the cost?

Usually, the costs are about 35% to 85% of one month's rent. The cost is per lease, not per tenant.


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The Guarantors took the fear out of finding a place. I’ve always made good money but didn’t pay much attention to building my credit. Not even one credit card. I would just pay in full. No credit is bad as bad credit lol. TheGuarantors fast approval gave me the confidence I needed to find my dream apartment!!! Thank you!!

Jennifer P.

New York, April 2021