Deposit Coverage

Moving can get expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Pocket your security deposit and save.

  • No cash deposit needed
  • Lower move-in costs
  • Smart choice to manage your deposit

Deposit Coverage

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What is Deposit Coverage?

The old security deposit is obsolete. Qualify and you can pay a small, non-refundable fee and keep cash in your pocket.

Lower Move-in Costs

Why shell out an entire month's rent when you can qualify and pay a fraction of that?

We partner with your landlord and send you an invite to apply

Money In Your Pocket

Spend or save your money however you like. Why let someone else hold your money for the life of your lease?

We provide you with a personalized quote

Simple & easy

Pay upfront to replace the deposit fee.

You enjoy the instant savings

Instead of paying for a traditional deposit, you can:

TheGuarantors team are attentive, quick and genuinely care about their clients. I have used their products for three years and I am grateful that they have my back.
Expedient and informative in every aspect of service. Thanks for letting me feel confident about beginning a new chapter in my life.
The team at The Guarantors is exceptional because they are attentive, quick with responses, and reasonable. They genuinely care about their clients and make sure that the process runs smoothly. I have utilized their services for three years already and I am happy that I can be confident in renting out a place where the Guarantors would have my back.
The best company ever they always are great with communication and always on top of everything they are the reason me and my children are blessed with a home. Thank you guys for being great hard workers.

Frequently asked questions

Deposit Coverage reduces your upfront move-in costs, but you are still responsible for damage or missing rent payments.

Yes, this covers your entire security deposit.

If there are no damages or rent owed, then you can simply move out without waiting weeks for a deposit to be returned since you never had to pay the traditional security deposit.

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