The smart security deposit for business.

Cash deposits and letters of credit are too
capital-intensive for companies.

Securiti provides landlords with the same
protection at a fraction of the cost for tenants.

Everybody wins.

How does it work?

Replace the security deposit With a surety bond equal to
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Pay a small annual premium 2-12% of the security
Unlock working capital Invest the money back
into your business

Why does it work?



No collateral required

  • Priced to risk, Securiti is 40-70% cheaper than alternative financing solutions

Off-balance sheet financing 

  • Securiti has no impact on leverage metrics, it’s an insurance expense

No impact on credit capacity 

  • So the business can borrow as needed



Claims payable on demand

  • No investigation period. We immediately reimburse landlords upon default (as defined by the lease)

Strong credit protection

  • All bonds are issued by investment grade insurance carriers (rated AM Best Excellent or higher)

Bankruptcy remote

  • All bonds benefit from the same independence principle as a letter of credit. Safer than cash, better than a personal guarantee

Evergreen renewals

  • Like a letter of credit, Securiti automatically renews every year, so there’s no risk that a landlord’s coverage could lapse mid lease term


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With Securiti, we can now offer a flexible and financially efficient alternative to traditional letters of credit without compromising our risk and credit standards.

Jeremy Moss
EVP and Director of Leasing of Silverstein Properties

Getting Started

Applying for Securiti is similar to applying for a loan

(But much faster!)


Here's what we need:

  • Lease details: Existing lease or draft of lease/term sheet/LOI for leases in progress
  • 2 years of historical financial statements: Balance sheet + income statement, ideally audited
  • Financial projections, if available

Don’t have all of these documents? Don’t worry! Please apply and we’ll work together to arrive at a solution.

Once approved, full underwriting takes approximately 1 week.

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