Apartment hunting for Gen Z can be a difficult task, especially if its your first apartment on your own. Generational differences can make it more difficult for you to find an apartment that suits your needs, fits your budget, or accommodates your lifestyle. We have assembled an apartment walkthrough checklist that will help you know when you've found the perfect home.

Creating an apartment walkthrough checklist is one of the essential steps in the moving process. This process consists of making sure all your requirements for comfortable living are met, and it helps you avoid any inconveniences after you move in.

An apartment walkthrough checklist is similar to any home safety checklist; you walk through the apartment with your landlord or rental agent and establish if any issues need fixing before moving in. Identifying these issues will help you avoid damage fees that you didn't cause when you move out.

Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

1. Inspect each room

  • Check electrical outlets and make sure they work. The easiest way to test this out is by using a phone charger!

  • Find the location of cable and internet hookups.

  • Test the lights to make sure they work without any flicker.

  • Check under the sinks and in the closets for any signs of pests like rodents or insects.

  • Keep an eye out for signs of water damage.

  • Check the working conditions of the door and windows, and if screens and panes need to be repaired or replaced.

2. Inspect Bathroom and Laundry

  • Check for mold and water leakage near toilets, sinks, and showers.

  • Be sure that faucets shut off correctly and that all sink stops work.

  • Make sure the toilet flush works well.

  • If you have a washer and dryer, make sure those function properly.

  • Check for damaged tiles or missing grout in the sink, bathtub, or shower.

3. Inspect Kitchen

  • Test every appliance to ensure it works correctly.

  • Make sure these appliances turn on: oven, stovetop, dishwasher, refrigerator, hood light, and fan.

  • If you have a dishwasher, make sure it works.

4. Security and Safety

  • Test all the doors and windows and make sure they lock properly. The locks and doorknobs shouldn't wobble or shift. Also, make sure you have a working key for each lock.

  • Pay attention to the working conditions of the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

  • Check where the fire extinguishers are located.

  • Make sure the peephole is not painted over and is in working condition.

Once you are done with your apartment walkthrough checklist, address any concerns with your landlord and discuss a plan to fix them. Make sure to follow up by sending your landlord or property manager a copy of your photos, videos, and notes in an email to document everything discussed. Keep a copy for your records as well because they may come in handy when you move out.

Other Factors To Look Out For

  1. Apartment amenities: Amenities like swimming pools, patio, yoga rooms or gyms, community gardens, etc., are generally used to attract tenants and keep long-term renters happy. Be sure that you are aware of any extra costs to use these.

  2. Building condition: Since you've taken your time inspecting everything on the inside of your apartment, you should also take the opportunity to check the outside. Even if it's not strictly part of your apartment, you want everything around it in good condition.

  3. Noise problems: If you desire a quiet life with less noise around you, make sure to check for any potential noise problems. This could be heavy traffic flow, construction sites, or concert venues.

  4. The direction your apartment is facing: Be mindful of direction because it affects the amount of sunlight in your home. With a west-facing apartment, the sun will rise behind you and set in the front. For an east-facing home, the opposite is true.

  5. Cell phone reception: There's nothing more frustrating than finding your dream apartment within your budget, only to realize that you can't make or receive calls. But this may not a deal-breaker as this can be overcome using readily available gadgets.