More residents.
Approved with confidence.

Guaranti is the trusted, flexible way to stay protected from application to move out.

You get more protection at no cost.
Your residents get approved at a low cost.

We think about "qualified" differently. Our protection is customized to your needs — with a focus on expanding your applicant pool while ensuring you're covered. So everyone wins.


trophy  Dynamic Lease Guarantee

star  Security Deposit Replacement

A solution above and beyond protection:

From lease guarantees to claims management


Whether you need a lease guarantee solution, an alternative to security deposits, or both, our in-house risk and customer success teams work with you to customize protection for your portfolio.

  • Accelerate leasing while reducing vacancies
  • Maintain high tenant standards
  • Increase revenues with peace-of-mind


Designed with and for owners and operators, our dashboard and coverage management keeps you in-the-know about applicant status and resident coverage.

  • View all active renter applications
  • See resident coverage statuses
  • Report claims

Lifecycle Engagement

Our job doesn’t stop once an applicant is approved. To save you time and stress, our team helps to manage your coverage from application to move out — and keep you in the loop.

  • Engage renters when it’s time to renew
  • Proactively follow up with those late on rent
  • Assist mitigation efforts

Optimal Coverage:
customized protection for your portfolio.

Dynamic Lease Guarantee

Calibrate your protection level from as little as 5 months rent to the traditional 12 months rent (or more for longer leases).

We leverage our own superior data and risk expertise to advise on coverage levels, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide.


Damage Protection Included

We can include a Security Deposit Add-On to cover unforeseen damages, as well.

Replace traditional security deposits with your choice of lease coverage and 1 month of damage protection.


Lower Move-In Costs

Reduce upfront costs by offering our Security Deposit Replacement.

Rent your units quickly by lowering the barrier to entry while still ensuring you get the protection you need.


Improve your bottom line

  • Increase your NOI
  • Reduce vacancy loss
  • Reduce bad debt

Rent vacant units faster

  • Accelerate your leasing
  • Maintain your high standards
  • Save money and time on evictions
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I have referred applicants late on a Sunday evening, and by Monday they had been approved. It is this type of exceptional service that gives me great confidence that my applicants will encounter a professional and efficient experience. This enables us to accept an applicant we might otherwise have to reject.

Robert Beacham

Leasing Manager of 20 Exchange Place

Let us create a customized program for your portfolio

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