Worried your renters might stop paying rent?

Fully protect your rental income against loss due to default, vacancies, lease breaks, damages, and more, all at no cost to you. 

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Two kinds of coverage.
One simple solution.

Lease Guarantee

Lease Guarantee covers rent payments, defaults, and vacancy loss to help protect your rental income. Plus it's free for landlords and affordable for renters.

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Security Deposit Replacement

Gain financial protection without the hassle of deposits. Renters pay a small fee, keep their security deposit, and you're covered for lost rent, damages, and legal fees. All at no charge to you. 

How it works

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Invite your applicants to apply for a Lease Guarantee or Security Deposit Replacement.

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Sample pricing for your renters
(always free for you)

Low risk renter

1 month of deposit coverage
0 months of rent coverage

>720 credit score
>3x rent to income ratio
Low risk factors
  • Great credit score
  • Steady income stream
  • Looking to rent security deposit free
/1 payment

Medium risk renter

1 month of deposit coverage
5 months of rent coverage

<650 credit score
>2.5x rent to income ratio
Medium risk factors
  • Blip on their credit score
  • Irregular income stream
  • Moving for a new job

High risk renter

1 month of deposit coverage
11 months of rent coverage

<600 credit score
<2.5x rent to income ratio
High risk factors
  • Low or zero credit
  • First time renter
  • Can’t consider without added protection
Example pricing based on $1000/mo. rent. Prices are directional and will vary based on the applicant’s individual profile and your desired coverage level.

Frequently asked questions

Sounds great! How do I get started?

1. Create an account
2. Enroll your property
3. Invite prospective renters
4. Receive automated status notifications for each renter

Who should use this?

Any property owner or operator looking for more tenants in their pipeline. After enrolling a property, owners and operators can take full advantage of our Lease Guarantee and Security Deposit Replacement products.

What is a Lease Guarantee?

Lease Guarantee is an insurance policy that opens doors for renters by eliminating the risk of default for landlords. If a tenant defaults on their lease, the lease guarantee covers landlords for unpaid rent. It helps you get the tenants you want and the protection you need.

What is a Deposit Replacement?

Deposit Replacement helps renters get over the barrier of traditional cash deposits by paying a much smaller, non-refundable fee. Renters get the apartment they want. You get the same protection as with a traditional deposit. It’s a win-win!

Do renters have to pay an application fee?

Nope, the application is free. The renter only pays for the bond if they decide to buy a policy with us.

How long does it take to get approved?

Approvals typically take less than one business day after renter information has been provided.

What if there are multiple leaseholders?

No problem. You can add roommates to an application in the lease details section of the renter invite page after you sign up and add your properties.

Who pays for policies?

The renter pays for all policies. Our products are free for landlords.

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