Securing your apartment and fighting child hunger — all in a day’s work

Posted by: TheGuarantors on August 16, 2018

There are nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers who are struggling to put food on the table. That is 1.4 million too many who fear they will not satisfy a basic need.

As a company that believes apartments should be able to be secured with ease, even in complicated markets like New York, we certainly think that no one should have to worry about something as essential as the ability to feed themselves.

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TheGuarantors team helping City Harvest fight hunger. Meredith Kates, Daniel Grinberg, Luke Lesniewski, Marissa Pulido, Joshua Thaller

That is why TheGuarantors is proud to be a partner of City Harvest, a New York City nonprofit that feeds locals in poverty and reduces food waste.

Since 1982, City Harvest has pioneered the food rescue movement to end New York’s hunger epidemic. By building relationships with farms, grocers, restaurants, and manufactures, City Harvest collects and distributes food across the five boroughs. This year alone, they have collected over 61 million pounds of food — that would otherwise go to waste — to feed our local communities.

Two weeks ago, some of our employees had the privilege of spending a day with City Harvest at Mariner’s Harbor Mobile Market. Throughout the day, they measured and distributed fresh produce to local families.

“It was incredibly fulfilling to see the smiling faces of each and every person who stopped by the food market,” one associate reflected. “Not only does City Harvest do an amazing job providing food to those in need, but they also place emphasis on nutritious foods to ensure our communities are fed AND healthy.”

Our efforts to alleviate the hunger epidemic — particularly for children — don’t end there. Every time a renter uses one of our services, we make a donation to feed a child for one full month.

Whether you are seeking a place to live or food to eat, TheGuarantors believe you should feel confident in securing that need.

Let’s ensure food makes the journey to everyone’s table.

To learn more about City Harvest and how you can help, visit