Is it your first time moving into an apartment from a college dorm? If so, you may not be sure what essentials you need to buy. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the multitude of things you need to shop for, try making a college apartment checklist! Here is our guide to creating one!

Bedroom Essentials

Remember that the cost to set up your bedroom can be quite high, but there are some great affordable options from stores like Ikea and Walmart. Also, you may only be living in your college apartment for a couple of years, so no need to splurge on expensive furniture items.

Things to remember when buying bedroom essentials:

  1. Invest in a good mattress and bedding.

  2. Make your bedroom functional with storage and lighting needs.

  • Bedding and Mattress: Mattress, Mattress pad, Mattress cover, Sheets, Pillows, Pillow cases, Duvet, comforter, or quilt

  • Essential Bedroom Furniture: Nightstand, Desk, Desk chair, Additional seating (like beanbags), Dresser

  • Additional Bedroom Essentials: Curtains or blinds for the windows, Storage boxes and under bed storage, Trash bin, Shoe rack, Mirror, An LED floor lamp or desk lamp, Hangers

Kitchen Essentials

Moving from an on-campus dining hall to having your own kitchen is very exciting! You get to show off your culinary skills to your friends. The only downside? kitchen supplies can add up quickly! Thankfully, you can easily find affordable options to add to your college apartment checklist.

A few things to remember:

  • You can buy most of your kitchen tools and utensils from IKEA, Walmart, or Amazon.

  • Ask your landlord if your apartment comes with a dishwasher. They require additional items for use.

  • Kitchen Tools and Utensils: Pans and pots, Measuring cups and measuring spoons, Wooden spoons, Knife set, Cutting board, Baking tray and baking sheets, Oven mitts, Spatula, Whisk, Tongs, Ladle, Bottle and can opener, Vegetable peeler, Cheese grater, Utensil holder, Silverware, Aluminum foil and cling wrap, Paper towel and paper towel holder, Storage containers, Trash bags, Kitchen trash bin

  • Appliances: Blender, Blender, Food processor, Toaster

  • Dining Essentials: Dining table and chairs, Plates, Bowls, Glasses, Coffee mugs, Salt and pepper shakers, Placemats, Coasters, Reusable water bottle, Tupperware to carry lunch and snacks

  • Dishwashing essentials: Dish soap, Dish towel, Drying rack, Dishwasher pods, Sponge and scrubbing pads, Dishwashing gloves

Bathroom Essentials

Now that you have your own bathroom, no more having to carry your shampoo and towels down the hall! But this also means you must handle all of the cleaning and maintenance yourself. Your college apartment checklist must include bathroom essentials like toilet accessories, cleaning supplies, and of course, toiletries!

  • Basic Bathroom Essentials: Bathroom organizers, Shower curtains and hooks, Towel bars, Bath towel, Hand towel, Bath mat, Mirror (optional: vanity mirror)

  • Toilet Accessories and Supplies: Toilet paper, Toilet paper holder, Toilet brush, Plunger, Trash bin, Soap dish

  • Toilet Accessories and Supplies: Toilet paper, Toilet paper holder, Toilet brush, Plunger, Trash bin, Soap dish

Other Necessary Essentials

We’ve covered the three main rooms of your apartment. Now it’s time to add other necessities to your apartment college checklist and make your apartment functional and comfortable.

  • Laundry: Laundry detergent and pods, Fabric softener, Laundry basket, Iron or steamer, Ironing board. Drying rack, Rolls of quarter for coin-operated facilities

  • Tech Supplies: Wi-Fi router, Amazon Fire Stick or Roku, Essential Cables: HDMI, USB, and power cords, Printer, Extension cords, Surge protectors, Smart speaker like Alexa or Google home

  • Cleaning Supplies: Vacuum cleaner, Broom and dust pan, Mop and bucket, Cleaning products

  • Safety Supplies: First-aid kit, Fire extinguisher, Carbon monoxide alarm

So there you go! We hope this checklist will help you streamline the process of furnishing your first college apartment!