There you are, a weary traveler who has spent hours finding the right blog on apartment amenities—but look no further!

First off, we want to start by saying welcome to the world of adulthood! Your first real task as a young adult is to find an apartment in this new city that not only fits your budget but also your idea of 'the perfect apartment.'

Truthfully, apartment amenities can be a deal-breaker. Imagine if you found a beautiful boho brick apartment in Chelsea, NYC, with no provision for hot water - will you rent it? We hope your answer was a big, bold NO! Because that's a basic apartment amenity any renter would need.

So let's learn more about apartment amenities, the ones you need, the free ones (included in your rent!), and the ones that may be aspirational. We are here to help you make informed decisions as a first-time renter. Trust us, it won't be as daunting as it seems!

First up, what are apartment amenities?

Apartment amenities are unique services, items, or things offered to the renter beyond a functional apartment. The purpose of these amenities is to make the lives of the renters comfortable and their stay more enjoyable. By offering it as a package deal, amenities benefit renters by helping them avoid additional costs to services or utilities they need. Every apartment complex has different amenities to offer; while some may have a fancy community pool, others might not. So you want to choose an apartment that offers the amenities you need or you may end up paying for amenities you don't use. Say you found a great apartment with parking space; if you don't own a car, you will be paying extra for that parking space.

What are the different types and list of amenities for apartments?

From luxurious hot tubs to relaxing spas - it's all possible. We will start with the basic list of amenities for apartments moving to the oh-so-luxurious ones.

In-Unit Amenities (Basic)

  • Heater

  • Stove

  • Dishwasher

  • Storage

  • Windows with blinds

  • Kitchen appliances

Basic Community Amenities (Basic)

  • Laundry

  • Gated access

  • Security cameras

Recreational Community Amenities (Luxe)

  • Gym

  • Pool

  • Sauna

  • Spa

  • Balcony or a Patio

  • Fireplace

  • Playground

  • Community Center

  • Media room

  • Party room

  • Community events & classes

  • Jogging/walking/bike path or access to one nearby

Pet Amenities (Luxe)

  • Pet Spa

  • Pet Washing Stations

  • Dog Parks

Tech-friendly Amenities (Basic)

  • WiFi

  • USB ports

  • Online rent payment option & leasing

  • Temperature control: heating & cooling

Tip for first-time renters: Most young renters often overlook maintenance costs when renting in apartment complexes with luxe community amenities. These costs are non-negotiable, separate from your rent, and sometimes can be quite expensive, so make sure you ask your landlord the frequency (one-time or recurring) and the fee for each amenity.

What are the most popular apartment amenities?

The most in-demand list of amenities for apartments in 2021 are:

  • Laundry in the building, or washers and dryers in-unit.

  • Outdoor spaces: garden, patio, rooftop deck.

  • Security amenities: concierge or front desk staff, guest management system.

  • Cable and streaming amenities: cable TV, community WiFi, high-speed internet.

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What are the most basic apartment amenities my landlord should provide?

The short answer is: basic amenities are governed by your lease. If you are a young renter who has recently moved out of their parent's home or a college dorm, make sure your apartment has basic utilities which function smoothly to make your first move comfortable.

  1. Ensure that there is a steady electrical and water supply in the apartment.

  2. Look out for basic kitchen appliances such as a microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher in your lease, as your landlord isn't obliged to provide those.

  3. Check for other miscellaneous things such as closet space, heating, cooling systems, and functioning electrical appliances.

Tip for first-time renters: Your lease will be the singular most important document in determining the comfort and quality of your stay. If your lease says that your landlord will provide kitchen appliances, then it is your landlord's duty to honor that. The same rule applies to your entire list of apartment amenities. Make sure to read each section carefully and understand the terms before you sign it.

Tenant privileges: Can my landlord take away or charge extra for apartment amenities?

In New York, several state and local laws detail the landlord's responsibility along with the legally binding lease, which makes it hard for the landlord to take away the apartment amenities or charge extra if that was not stipulated in the lease. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the principle lease well before signing it.

Renting in 2021: What's the future of apartment amenities for Gen Z and Millenials?

Renters are making their return to New York City. This rush back to the city is fueled by young students and professionals. Gen Z is focused on practicality and newfound affordability due to the pandemic. Since work from home is the norm, a strong internet connection, and smart gadgets will probably be one of the most significant attractions.

"The median age of New York City renters has fallen during 2021, according to recent analyses of new apartment leases. Between January and May, the median renter age fell from 28.6 years to 23.5 years." — The Guarantors for Wall Street Journal

As a final sentiment, we hope you find your perfect apartment with the best amenities to suit your needs. However, if you're an international student or a freelancer who doesn't have proof of income, no or low credit score, and other documents that your landlord needs - contact us! We'll be your Guarantor in three easy steps. It's what we do, and we make sure nothing comes between you and your dream apartment. Happy hunting!