There are so many kinds of apartments out there. This is the stark reality you immediately face when searching for one to rent. From slightly furnished to unfurnished to fully furnished apartments, you'll meet them all.

Perhaps, you've come across the term fully furnished apartment, but had no idea what that implies. This article will cover it all to help you pick the best one based on your needs and budget.

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What is a furnished apartment?

The amount of furnishing in a house can immediately make you feel at home, especially when moving into a new apartment. Yes, you may need to add more and decorate to your taste. But that feeling of moving into an empty space and not knowing where to start can be a bit overwhelming. That's where a furnished apartment makes all of the difference! From home furnishings to appliances, you'll have everything in your apartment already!

There are different types of furnished apartments based on the amount of furniture available in each. These are semi-furnished, furnished, fully furnished, or turnkey apartments. This categorization is loose, and there are no rules to say what must be included. Generally, you can expect to find more furniture as you move from the semi-furnished to the fully furnished.

While the exact items may vary from apartment to apartment, you can generally expect to find a couch, coffee and end tables, a dining room table and chairs, beds, and basic kitchen appliances. Some may even include extras like floor or table lamps, a toaster, a microwave, and basic cookware.

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Pros and cons of furnished apartments

Whether furnished, semi-furnished or fully furnished, each apartment comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Before you sign that lease, consider some of those drawbacks and advantages we've listed below.

The pros

Lower upfront costs

Often, people aren't ready to make all the purchases needed when moving into a new apartment, especially if you are a first-time renter. But there's no need to fret. A fully furnished apartment means you'll spend less money upfront setting up your apartment. This means you'll have more money to spend on non-essential items to decorate your home.

Ease of movement

You probably already have some furniture and appliances from your current house. The question is, how do you move everything down to your new apartment? Packing and moving can be quite tiring, especially if you have to do it across states or cities. None of this is a concern when moving to a fully furnished apartment.

Perfect for short-term rentals

Perhaps you're unsure of the city and not willing to commit resources to an apartment you're not sure how long you'll stay, like a freelancer who travels a lot or a college student with just a short time left on your program.

A fully furnished apartment is perfect for anyone in any of the three situations.

It eases your settling in

If you want to own your furnishings, starting with a fully furnished apartment gives you the time and opportunity to save until you can get something that suits your taste.

Save time and reduce stress

Moving is stressful and time-consuming. So is setting up an apartment when you've just moved in. But by renting a fully furnished apartment, you will save time and energy as well as money.

The cons of furnished apartments

A fully furnished apartment may very well be the real deal, but here are a few drawbacks.

Higher rental fees

Furnished units typically command higher rent prices for obvious reasons. When you add up the rental fees, the annual rent will often exceed that of a lesser apartment where you've been buying the furnishings in bits.

Worrying about damages

To protect their furniture and furnishings, property owners often set a damage fee so that potential damages can be covered in the future. This means you'll have to take great care of the items and pay an extra 'damage fee' along with your security amount.

Quality of furniture

The furniture in the room may not meet your standards, or it could be damaged and perhaps even dirty from previous use. If you're someone who isn't comfortable with used furniture, a furnished apartment may not be the best option.

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When's the best time to rent a furnished apartment?

Fully furnished apartments usually attract extra fees. This may raise your budget. However, there are peak seasons when you can get more for less. These are the best times to apply for a fully furnished apartment.

To get the best value for money, begin your search for an apartment during winter when the market is quiet. Otherwise, start your search during summer when move-outs are high.

Should I rent a furnished apartment?

While furnished apartments are great for some, they aren't for everyone, as you will see.If you are picky about your furnishings and decorations, a fully furnished apartment may not work for you. Also, if you already have a lot of furniture, and moving it will not be a problem for you.On the other hand, furnished apartments are great for people who are looking for a short-term rental. College students, first-time renters, contract staff, and tenants looking for a fresh start in a new city all fall into the category of people who might need a furnished house. If you're going to be staying for a year or less, or you have to travel a lot for work, then a furnished house could be ideal for you.

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Looking for a fully furnished apartment?

A fully furnished apartment will require a higher security deposit but that doesn't mean you can't get the apartment you love. What if we told you that you don't have to spend your security deposit anymore, check out TheGuarantors to learn more.