The job of a property owner or manager is all about juggling different tasks at once. Understandably, there’s a lot to do in very little time. If you're getting overwhelmed with all the responsibilities at hand, property management tools can help you manage your time better. From security deposits to property management maintenance, these tools can assist you in every step of the rental cycle. We've compiled a list of some real estate tools designed to take away some stress each day. So, take a look at 9 fantastic property management tools for 2022.

1. TheGuarantors: Best lease guarantee & security deposit alternative

TheGuarantors is a InsurTech firm that offers insurance and financial services to real estate professionals and their tenants. It specializes in lease guarantee and security deposits alternatives. Security deposit alternatives, in particular, are a blessing for renters and property owners alike. Many tenants find it difficult to arrange a security deposit in today's economy, especially when combined with the first month's rent, moving costs, and other expenses. That’s why alternatives to security deposits are getting popular.

TheGuarantors takes care of renters' security deposits for a minimal fee while giving owners the protection they need. As for a lease guarantee, TheGuarantors become a cosigner for renters if they cannot find a guarantor. All these features ensure a win-win situation for both the tenants and proprietors.

2. Simplifyem: Accounting and management tool

With Simplifyem, you can track finances, analyze reports, collect rent applications online, and automate processes. This cloud-based solution uses the latest technology to meet the demands of rental property managers. Even the non-tech savvy amongst us don’t need to worry, as this tool is super user-friendly. This platform is suitable for any sized business, and can stay with you as things scale.

3. J Turner: Ratings Tracker

J Turner is an apartment industry research firm, and this is a powerful platform for managing and leveraging your online reputation. If you want to know how your properties compare against others in the minds of renters, this is the tool for you. Best known for its ORA score that helps you generate an idea of how renters feel about your property, this model collects and analyzes online reviews from other platforms. This is a new approach to overcome the difficulties of multiple review rating scales. The single ORA score serves as a baseline for comparing and contrasting individual properties on a local, regional, and national scale.

4. Rental listing site

Founded in 2012, Cozy is a rental listing site where property managers can sell, promote, lease and manage their property. Cozy provides property managers with simple, user-friendly tools for running their properties as cheaply and efficiently as possible. acquired Cozy in June of 2021 which has only expanded Cozy's resources to property owners. Cozy streamlines the leasing process, saving you time by providing management options such as online lease signing and the opportunity to set up automatically repeating rent collection.

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5. Quickbooks: Accounting tool

Quickbooks offers on-premise accounting software as well as cloud-based accounting software that accept business payments, manages, and pays bills, and handles payroll. Quickbooks is a simple and user-friendly accounting software that powers your business. It has tons of features for your bookkeeping and accounting needs. With just one click, you can check how your real estate rental business is performing. You can see your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and hundreds of additional data in a jiffy.

6. PostEngine by Rooof: Google Business Profile Agency (Ads)

PostEngine is a Google Business Profile Agency that offers software and services for your apartment community's Google Business Profiles. PostEngine assists users in creating and posting the best possible advertisements to help fill your vacancies as quickly as possible. This is one of the best property management software options that save you the time and effort of manually creating and scheduling advertisements. This means you can work smarter, even taking advantage of automatic advertising based on your website’s content.

7. Thumbtack: Simplifies the process of hiring vendors

Thumbtack is a platform that helps users to find local professionals and small businesses to assist you with any work orders at your properties. Upkeep is an important aspect of managing a rental property, and owners of small residential properties usually lack the staff to address urgent maintenance requests.

This is where Thumbtack can help. Thumbtack simplifies the process of choosing a vendor by removing many of the obstacles that typically arise in the process. Simply search for the vendor you need, and this property management solution helps you find the best fit.

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8. Domo: Data consolidation tool

Domo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that consolidates all of your data into a single, easy-to-access location. Data is at the core of any growth in a business and should drive every decision you make.However, sifting through spreadsheets to review your data is time-consuming and stressful. Domo, a cloud-based business intelligence software, helps you keep control of your data. It allows for quick and easy inquiries and automated data collection. Be it financial reports, conversion rates or spreadsheets, Domo does everything for you.

9. Podium: Assists with communication

Podium is a property management platform with a wide product range and features that improve internal and external communication. Communication is the key to running a good rental property business, but it’s easy to miss something in your pile of emails and messages. Podium streamlines communications, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

The platform consolidates all of your interactions into a single, easy-to-access space. It centralizes messages across all of your platforms. This way, you won't have to move from email to Facebook to SMS to stay up-to-date. Instead, you will be able to use this property management application for everything without leaving the same tab.

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The traditional system of security deposits can be a hassle for property owners and managers. TheGuarantors can help you out! Our security deposit replacement offers you the safety of a security deposit while covering your tenants’ deposit for a small fee. Check out TheGuarantors for more lease conversions and a hassle-free move-ins for your tenants.