Leasing to Tech Companies - Flexibility and Finance

Posted by: TheGuarantors on December 13, 2019

As a startup headquartered in the Financial District, with a product used by other tech startups in their real estate strategies, this piece in The Real Deal resonated with us! We first moved into Silverstein Properties Silver Suites at 4 WTC, and then like Spotify and Better, worked with Jeremy Moss to expand within the Silverstein portfolio to our current office at 7 WTC. We’re proud to have helped fellow Silverstein tenants finance their real estate growth in new ways as well.

With tech tenants occupying 1.5M square feet at the World Trade Center buildings, and tech employment growing by 66% in recent years, it’s clear that high growth companies are hungry for new and more space, and need it fast. For many startups, their growth can happen in the midst of leasing negotiations (no surprise, given the length of leasing discussions), leaving them juggling the decision of where to deploy capital - real estate or headcount, product, marketing...the list goes on.

We believe companies shouldn’t have to sacrifice other growth goals to pay for square feet. Securiti is the only smart security deposit that frees up capital for tenants, while providing the same level of protection as a letter of credit for landlords. Why tie up money in a traditional security deposit or collateral at a bank when there are so many other ways to invest it in your firm’s future? We help companies access the office space they want and need, and grow with the landlord they’ve come to trust.

Check out one of our recent case studies about a high growth company that utilized Securiti in two different instance and how this allowed them to fund growth projects and expand their space to an additional floor.

We’re excited to be part of the flourishing tech hub that is New York and look forward to helping attract and retain the companies and talent that make it so special.