Interview Series: Tony Caputo (300 Ashland)

Posted by: TheGuarantors on March 6, 2020

Whether it’s because of mom’s nagging, your overly intrusive neighbor, or an increase in your rent, what do you need to consider when moving out? Julianne Fiori, TheGuarantors Partner Success Manager, sat down with Tony Caputo, the Leasing Manager at 300 Ashland, a luxury rental property in downtown Brooklyn, to discuss the renter journey.

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What is the most significant influence for renters?

TheStreet reported that “Most Americans (60%) are only moving within 30 miles of their current home. 32% said they want to live close to their workplace.” Given that public transportation is the preferred method of commuting in New York City, people tend to station themselves closer to their work - even if it means paying more in rent. I’d say location is a very important component of why someone rents anywhere. The main concern with location is how long it takes them to get to and from work. I do think it is a factor more than where bars, schools and restaurants are located relative to the building.

Caputo, who has worked in the real estate industry for over ten years, has noticed how 300 Ashland’s location and proximity have been vital in the property’s mission to reach a 100% occupancy rate.


What makes 300 Ashland desirable in the market?

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It’s a very convenient location. We have easy access to popular subway lines which make it extremely easy to get to Lower Manhattan, the Lower EastSide, Midtown, and really anywhere you need to go.

We’re a brand new building with all amenities including a parking garage, fitness center, and roof terrace. There’s even an Apple store and WholeFoods attached to the building which I think is pretty unique.

Unsurprisingly, amenities are a large factor to consider when choosing the perfect apartment. Brick Underground reviewed the amenities renters are looking for and noted that at the top of renters’ lists are outdoor roof spaces, fitness centers, and building activities designed to create a sense of community.


300 Ashland GymIn your opinion, why do tenants choose 300 Ashland to other apartment buildings in the area?

Renters choose 300 Ashland because of its proximity to public transit, the many attractions in the neighborhood, and the high end finishing and amenities offered by the building. We receive lots of tenant referrals so many of our prospects come to 300 Ashland having already heard great things about it. Seeing a beautiful building helps, but already knowing your friend has had a great experience living there makes an even bigger difference.

Historically, downtown Brooklyn had been a commercial and civic center but over the past decade, the area has become more residential, attracting people with its rich cultural institutions, parks, and lively atmosphere. 300 Ashland’s convenient location and timeless amenities make it no surprise that there are only a few units available for rent. Fiori wants to thank Tony for taking the time to speak with her and providing her with such interesting insights.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional interviews and unique insights from successful owners, operators, and leasing managers.