A Day in the Life: Shuchang

Posted by: TheGuarantors on January 29, 2020

This month’s employee highlight features our underwriter of the month, Shuchang Zhang. Shuchang has been an Underwriting Associate with TheGuarantors for nearly a year and specializes in screening new renters and helping them through the lease guarantee application process. In this edition we get a glimpse into Shuchang’s typical day.

TheGuarantors 3TheGuarantors 18:45 AM: Shuchang strolls into work, grabs a cappuccino from the kitchen, then heads to her desk to start the day. Her mornings are the busiest time of day since many of her lease guarantee applicants are based in China, putting them at least 12 hours ahead of New York. Because of the time difference, she spends the morning catching up on emails, messages and applications from the previous night.

9:00 AM: Shuchang checks her email and gets started on replying to questions and facilitating and closing lease guarantee applications. With high standards in the current rental market, it is often difficult for applicants to qualify for an apartment on their own (lack of credit, low credit, income requirements), so many of our applicants use TheGuarantors to meet their building’s requirements.

10:30 AM: Shuchang transitions into checking her WeChat messages. WeChat is a messaging, social media, and mobile payment app that connects a lot of Shuchang’s Chinese clientele. Most WeChat messages consist of renters asking about the lease guarantee application process and brokers inquiring about the status of their client’s application. Shuchang’s goal is to reply to all her messages before 11am EST to catch everyone before they go to sleep.

TheGuarantors 2

11:30 AM: Having finished replying to most of her overnight messages, she ticks off the the final steps in her applicant screening process, looking at their financial information, lease details, and confirming proper documentation. Throughout the day, Shuchang analyzes batches of applicants and works with fellow teammates if she has questions. In the open office it’s easy to walk over to a friend’s desk for a quick ask (and easy to get caught up in conversation as well!)

12:30 PM: Shuchang receives a message from a broker that has added her to a group chat with a prospective renter. Shuchang, the broker, and the renter discuss the process of the lease guarantee and what their options are. Shuchang tells them they can qualify by submitting their own financial documents or use a responsible party.

TheGuarantors 52:00 PM: Heading out for a late lunch near the office, Shuchang grabs two slices from Skinny Pizza. She always orders one slice of vegetable combo pizza and one slice of barbecue chicken pizza, both with hot pepper for added spice.

4:00 PM: Casey, the VP of Underwriting and Customer Success, calls a meeting to discuss the underwriting team’s new organization structure. Shuchang learns she’s been appointed to focus on hard-to-close Chinese applications and training newly hired underwriters. The underwriting team is growing quickly in preparation for our busy summer months, so there will be a lot of new members joining, making for a lively, buzzing office.

TheGuarantors 4

5:00 PM: Shuchang ensures all approved renters and their responsible party are sent a payment invoice and bond.She also confirms the building has been notified so they can proceed with lease signing.

6:15 PM: Shuchang cleans her desk, says goodbye to everyone, and leaves work to catch an Xtend Barre fitness class. She tries to go at least three times per week.

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