A Day in the Life: Joshua Thaller

Posted by: TheGuarantors on March 4, 2020

This month’s employee highlight features Josh Thaller. Josh is our Product and Regulatory Counsel and has been on our legal team since 2018. His extroverted personality and receptiveness to new ideas makes him a fan favorite in the office. Take a peek into what a typical day in his life looks like!

Josh (1)7:30 AM: With one eye open Josh checks his email, sifting through work, leisure, and industry newsletters while mentally preparing himself for the day. Sipping his first cup of black coffee, he checks Reddit to brief himself on world news, politics, and funny memes.


8:30 AM: Caffeinated and ready to take on the day, he heads out of his apartment in Astoria, Queens and hops on the N/W subway to head downtown to work. Josh is a serious music junkie and the 40 minute commute gives him a chance to rock-out on his way to the office. Currently, he is obsessed with everything Tame Impala. He recommends listening to the song Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, you won’t be disappointed.

9:30 AM: Josh walks through the doors and heads to the kitchen for his second cup of joe, black of course. By this time, he has refreshed his email about six times, and has responded to a majority of the emails requiring his immediate attention including privacy requests from tenants and the mitigation team’s adjustment of Lease Guarantee claims. He sits at his desk and checks his calendar to prep himself for the day.

10:30 AM: After a cinnamon roll flavored Quest bar, Josh dives into his largest project of the week; vendor diligence. Because we work with insurance carriers and have a national presence (44 states to be exact!), the legal team is responsible for ensuring we are in compliance with new laws and regulations as well as vetting our current contracts to confirm our carriers are in compliance with our standards. The latest reform comes from California in the California Consumer Privacy Act , which in summary, protects California residents’ privacy and personal information.

To do list

11:30 AM: As a multitasking master, Josh bops from task to task which includes drafting both employee agreements and various marketing service agreements with nationwide partners (including property management companies within our industry as well as companies with overlapping clientele like Nova Credit), as well as reviewing press releases.

IMG_10072:00 PM: As an in-house lawyer, it's difficult for Josh to scope out his day to day as he is pulled into meetings, department by department. The afternoon always takes Josh by surprise because he can never believe that half the day is already over. As one of the leaders of the Culture Committee, Josh joins a meeting with Kendall Miller, Chief of Staff and Kala Wilkins, Marketing Manager to discuss future initiatives. So far, they have implemented daily snacks, our corporate social responsibility strategy, and office happy hours!

2:30 PM: From one conference room to the next, Josh travels into our Paris room that has a mesmerizing view of the Financial District and the Brooklyn Bridge. Fun fact, this space was named by our CEO, Julien Bonneville, who is originally from France! He meets with Casey Lasda, our Head of Underwriting, to discuss the TheGuarantors ongoing compliance with its formal underwriting guidelines. As a managing general agent, TheGuarantors must adhere to the terms and processes outlined by these guidelines, which are mutually agreed upon between TheGuarantors and its various insurance carriers. Josh and Casey also begin reviewing employee sponsorship documentation because as Josh says, it’s H-1B season! TheGuarantors are currently sponsoring 12 employees for the upcoming lottery, with no plan on slowing down.

4:00 PM: Josh heads to Whole Foods two blocks away from the office to grab a quick bite. It’s a sunny day in February and he’s craving a garden salad with no olives. This will be Josh’s only meal until he gets home to make himself dinner.

5:00 PM: Josh gets pulled into a meeting with Aaron Victorson, VP of Growth, to discuss several ongoing marketing partnership negotiations. TheGuarantors prides itself on its ability to partner with a variety of organizations across several different industries. He doesn’t mind the short notice because he truly enjoys working with Aaron, and describes him as innovative and a true leader in the company.


5:30 PM: As the end of the day nears, Josh cracks a few jokes with the people around him to get the endorphins flowing and end the day strong. He joins a call with Ryan, our sales representative in San Francisco, to answer legal questions regarding California’s recent rent regulations.

6:30 PM: Heading out, he says goodbye to his colleagues and walks down the block to Rumble, a boxing focused gym. The power of his punch is not a force to be reckoned with and luckily, the bag has been the only victim (thus far).

8:00 PM: Now home and winding down from his workout, he starts preparing dinner. Asian stir fry is on the menu tonight. Josh worked as a chef before going to law school so you can only imagine what his kitchen smells like! He enjoys his meal while watching Breaking Bad, one of his all time favorite shows and lounges in his favorite Lululemon sweatpants.

10:00 PM: He sinks into his bed and gets comfortable under his 25lb gravity blanket. With his head on his pillow, phone in hand, he checks his email one last time before plugging it in to charge and putting it on his nightstand. He goes to bed optimistic about what tomorrow holds.

We would like to thank Josh for sitting still for a few minutes to give us a glimpse into his busy day! His positive energy and enthusiastic outlook on life is an asset to our legal team and the company as a whole. If you are looking to learn more about what some of our other employees' days are like, check out our blog.

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