A Day in the Life: John Cheung

Posted by: TheGuarantors on December 17, 2019

Next up in our Employee Highlight Series is John Cheung, our Senior UX/UI designer. John is the latest addition to TheGuarantors’ Product Team. He’s made an immediate impact by offering 10+ years of experience, specializing in end to end UX, strategic design skills, and unique market savvy. Take a peek into what his typical day looks like!

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 5.08.23 PM (2)7:45 AM: John starts getting dressed. He prefers slim fit, wool slacks Monday - Thursday and selvedge denim jeans on Friday. He adds monk strap rusted toe shoes, and a 3 button T-shirt or turtleneck to complete the look. John is one sharp dude.

8:15 AM: John takes the M9 from Chinatown to City Hall, then walks to 7 World Trade. During his commute, he likes to listen to podcasts that promote health and wellness. Lately he’s been hooked on the podcast MindBodyGreen.  


8:45 AM: John arrives at his desk. He spends his first moments of the day responding to emails and catching up with some coworkers. After that, he grabs a snack and opens up his favorite design app, “Sketch.” John loves that Sketch allows for more structured and responsive design capabilities while also giving him multiple art-boards on one canvas. John puts his headphones in and gets to work. 

9:30 AM: Two of John’s current projects are a renter’s questionnaire and landlord invitation form, both of which will make the customer onboarding process more seamless and user-centric. As part of the product design process, John likes to involve other employees and customers to get feedback and iteratively make improvements along the way. Once the renter questionnaire is in a good place, he sets up user testing sessions with team members. 

11:00 AM: John goes to the pull up bar in the main office for a little mid-day exercise. He and Malcolm, the marketing intern, are constantly challenging each other on muscle endurance. When they aren’t talking about a good NYT article, must see movies in theatres, or better eating habits, they are talking about the gym. 

John512:15 PM: John meets with the Product Team to review his findings from the renter questionnaire user testing sessions. He presents the trends (common feedback across most users) and provides user experience recommendations to solve for those UX issues. The team discusses other possible solutions, often times using the whiteboard to sketch out ideas in the form of rough wireframes. The objective is to simplify the user experience as much as possible en route to creating the best user-centered experience.

1:00 PM: John walks over to Sweetgreen and orders a Chicken Pesto Parm bowl with a lime flavored sparkling water. When the weather allows for it, John takes his lunch over to Battery City Park to knock out some punch-list items. John4

2:00 PM: John takes the sketched wireframes from earlier and, through a meticulous process, converts the wireframes into high fidelity design. Put simply, a “high fidelity design” is just an interactive prototype that simulates the real system and design details. These designs are then uploaded to “InVision app,” a prototyping tool that allows users to click and interact with the design. The new prototype is shared with the Product Team for comments.

3:30 PM: John FaceTimes his daughter Adelina (age 4), who is 6 hours ahead in Germany, to say goodnight. They play a short game of peekaboo and engage in an impromptu dance battle until she falls asleep. 


4:15 PM: A Marketing Team member asks John if he can throw together a header design for a broker event email that she plans to send in the next 48 hours. John accepts the challenge and tells the team member that he’ll have something mocked up by EOD tomorrow. 

5:30 PM: John receives approval from the Product Team on the InVision prototype. He sends the prototype over to the Engineering team along with other assets that are required to build the questionnaire, such as visual assets, font styling guide, a board that details padding between elements on every page, and every hex value (color palette) that will be used in the project.

6:00 PM: John cleans off his desk, throws on his wool blazer, switches to his Nike air trainers, and bids farewell to everyone.  If it’s nice outside, he’ll walk home, but since it’s winter, he catches the bus. 

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