A Day in the Life: Eamon Anderson

Posted by: TheGuarantors on November 8, 2019

Over the last twelve months, TheGuarantors team has almost doubled in size. Alongside our increase in headcount, we’ve completed our Series B funding, expanded our product offerings to include Guaranti and Securiti, and launched a successful rebrand.


We’re thrilled to introduce our new Employee Highlight Series that will highlight the activities and accomplishments of key players on our team. To kick it off, we’re excited to share more about Eamon Anderson, our Director of Strategy and Underwriting who was recognized at last month’s All Hands meeting for his hard work. Eamon took some time to sit down and tell us about his typical work day, interests, and hobbies.

Eamon 2

6:30 AM: Eamon wakes up, gets iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, and watches an episode of The Sopranos before showering and getting ready for work.

8:15 AM: He commutes by bike over Williamsburg Bridge to his office at 7 World Trade Center.

8:45 AM: Eamon gets to his desk, helps himself to a coffee from the Silver Suites pantry, and enjoys the view from his desk as he catches up on emails from the night before. TheGuarantors' office has floor to ceiling windows and a view of the entire city looking uptown, which is a great reminder of how interesting it is to work in real estate in New York.

Eamon 10

10:00 AM: He has a call with the CFO of a potential client. The client is looking to expand its office in SoHo and wants to use Securiti to cover the new security deposit. These calls generally last an hour and are a way for Eamon to introduce TheGuarantors and learn more about the potential client's business - everything from their business model to financing rounds.

Eamon 7

11:45 AM: Eamon goes out for lunch. He has a tough time deciding between going to the new Sweetgreen on Chambers Street or getting falafel from his favorite cart. He chooses falafel.

1:00 PM: Eamon hosts his weekly call with Chubb to go over status of all live Securiti deals. Chubb provides credit approval for two deals on the call and gives follow-up requests for several other deals. Chubb and our other insurance carriers are key partners to the success and growth of our products, so we like to keep an open line of communication, even texting for urgent matters.

Eamon 8

2:30 PM: Eamon meets with a fellow Hamilton College alumnus at nearby coffee bar, The Wooly Daily, to talk about working at TheGuarantors. The team is growing rapidly and always looking to hire driven and likeminded individuals.

Eamon 5

4:00 PM: Eamon has a call with the landlord of a current client to review how the deal process went and discuss upcoming leases that might be a good fit for the Securiti product. Landlords have the best insight into upcoming lease availability so we will have frequent check-ins with them to understand their leasing strategy and help evaluate which potential tenants might be interested in working with us.

6:30 PM: Eamon and his teammates meet for happy hour at PJ Clarke’s at Brookfield Place. They run into a few commercial real estate brokers they know from CBRE and they briefly catch up on new leases that could use Securiti.

Check back each month for a peek into the complex and interesting lives of our esteemed team members.