A Day in the Life: Ariel Silverstein

Posted by: TheGuarantors on August 7, 2020

A day in the life with Ariel Silverstein Quarantine Edition*

IMG_6701Ariel is currently pursuing her B.S. in Real Estate at NYU. As a New York native born into a real estate family, she has always had a passion for the industry and has gained valuable insight into various aspects of the real estate world over the years.

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Following her desire to find a firm that helped bridge the gap between finance and real estate with an innovative strategy, she approached TheGuarantors looking for an opportunity to compliment her background and current studies.

She immediately understood and appreciated the value of our commercial product, Securiti, and dove right into a role with the team. Despite her coursework and the need to onboard virtually due to COVID-19, Ariel has hit the ground running and is already a huge asset to the team.

7:00AM – Ariel wakes up, puts on sweats and a t-shirt and takes her cavapoo, Theo out for his morning walk. She makes a cup of Starbucks dark roast iced coffee with oat-milk to get her day going. After getting ready for the day, meaning changing into a different loungewear set and washing her face, she goes through her emails from the previous night and checks various news sources for the headlines of the day.


8:00AM – With no meetings scheduled until a bit later, she gets a jump-start on some statistics homework (not the easiest course for her, but has been helpful for understanding some financial aspects of her role at TheGuarantors.) Her Economics courses last year have also been helpful in this regard.

9:30AM – By this time, Ariel is pretty hungry and makes herself an avocado toast breakfast with a hard-boiled egg, lemon and red pepper flakes on Wasa Image from iOS (12) (1)crackers. She begins doing some tenant research to find viable fits for Securiti. Following this research, Ariel composes five emails to reach out to the heads of the companies that she feels could benefit from Securiti, including materials about the product. Once her emails are sent, she likes to make a note of a good follow-up date to the email.

11:00AM – Ariel is corresponding with several contacts within development firms, building relationships to begin the process of acquiring landlord partnerships for Securiti. Securiti allows tenants to gain liquidity on their balance sheet without adding risk to their landlord – something that every company could benefit from, especially since COVID-19 began. They do this by replacing their security deposit with an insurance policy. Securiti is a tool that landlords can keep in their arsenal as a resource to offer tenants. Some ways she feels this can be a resource for landlords is to lower occupancy rates by incentivizing tenants to sign a lease faster given the smaller up-front costs (fractions compared to the standard letters of credit that tenants are used to), and having the ability to offer their tenants a concession without conceding on any risk. She keeps her team informed with any new meetings scheduled or exciting prospects/progress.

12:00PM – Ariel takes Theo out for his afternoon walk and spends a few minutes in the Sutton Place Park overlooking the East River in Manhattan where her husband is able to join. Here, she goes through a few more emails and catches up on any tasks left undone from the morning. When she gets back to her apartment, she begins editing an article meant to be circulated in a financial firm’s research blog that she composed with the help of a colleague. She also reaches out to several brokers to set up some informational calls about Securiti.

1:00PM – Ariel now has a meeting with her colleagues to discuss the best way to solve a large tenant’s needs. They loop in two members of the legal team, as well as the head of underwriting at TheGuarantors to ensure the tenant’s needs are met across the board in a way that is possible on their end. After the meeting, she snacks on some cut up watermelon and video chats her 5-year old stepdaughter, Anna. She puts Theo on the screen so they can see each other and tell each other funny things about their day, usually something Theo did or what fun activities Anna did that morning – tie dyeing has been a big one lately, as are her cannon-balls into the pool. She then gets ready for her next meeting with a colleague and a top executive at a development firm. They discuss Securiti and offer ways in which it can be a useful tool for their firm, leading the way towards a partnership down the line.

3:00PM – Ariel works on creating a new ‘white page’ for the company, that can ultimately be circulated to various tenants that may want a deeper understanding of frequent terms we use. This white page is focusing on how Securiti is a better alternative to a letter of credit.

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4:00PM –Ariel now spends some more time on her statistics homework. After about an hour, she dives into her other course at NYU that requires a weekly journal entry for her duties at TheGuarantors. She enjoys this homework, as it helps her see where she may have been more productive during the week, or where she may have needed to ask for help. She uses this information to make for a better following week at work. At around 5:30/5:45 – Ariel likes to fit in a 30-minute virtual workout. Recently she has been enjoying The Mirror app, specifically the upper and lower body sculpt and dance cardio classes.

6:30-10:00PM – Ariel is now ready for dinner and begins pre-heating the oven to make her favorite dish for her and her husband, Alex; filet mignon with sautéed onions and mushrooms with a burrata and watermelon salad on the side. Before they eat, they take Theo out on his second-to-last walk of the day, spending a little extra time with him outside, now that it is cooler, and then gives him his bowl of dinner. After dinner, she likes to read over the lesson from the previous week in school to help her in the current week’s homework. She also likes to go over her work schedule for the next day and brainstorm ways to be as productive as possible. She then puts on either Schitt’s Creek or Grace and Frankie to wind down for the night before taking Theo on one last walk.